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Can No Longer Make Photo Backgrounds Transparent

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 I have been removing photo backgrounds, saving them as .png and using them in a Power Point Project. Apparently when I reopened that PowerPoint project to add more photos, Libre Office's Impress  opened the .ppt file rather than PowerPoint. When I had added all of the png photos and saved the ppt file again I saw that it was "Impress" not PowerPoint that was saving he file, but it still saved it as a ppt file. I was not concerned until I went to open the ppt file with PowerPoint and discovered that PowerPoint could not open that ppt file. I decided that I had to start fresh and add all of the png photos in a new Pow1erPoint Project. Then I found that he tranparent bckground ol all of the png files had been changed to black. I must have transparent backgrounds. So I took each photo back into Paint.Net and used the Magic Wand to remove the backgrounds, then saved them as png files. When I ent to use those edited .png files thte backgrounds were still black. I have tried removing those black backgrounds several times but they continue to have black backgrounds.  post-46816-0-23750200-1355326599_thumb.ppost-46816-0-23750200-1355326599_thumb.p


Any ideas what I can try to get the transparent backgrounds back? 

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This is not a problem with Paint.NET or with the PNG file format  Are saving the PNG file with some strange configuration?

Both pictures you posted have transparent backgrounds - so I suspect that your problem is PowerPoint.

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So this happens when you right click on the file & tell it to open with PowerPoint or open PowerPoint the then the file?


You could try re-naming the file & ensure that the file extension is compatable with PPT - e.g. .ppt or .pptx (depending on the version of PPT)


XP versions allowed you to remove background with the picture editing tools.


We have Libre on the student computers & seriously - it sux. One of the students just now has asked me for help with the program & it is the program's limitations that is causing the problem. 


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Thanks for your replies. I am not sure `what happened but I have done this same project numerous times and had no problem unto this time when "Impress" took over for PowerPower. This was the only time that the transparent backgrounds showed as black when they were imported into PowerPoint.  


 I found that there is a 'set transparent color' command in PowerPoint and it makes the black backgrounds transparent again. So that problem is solved. Now I will just have to remember to open PowerPoint in the future and have it oen the project rathen than right-click on the project to open it because that is the way that Impress gets involved. 

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