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Hi and welcome, you may be best taking a look through these tutorials to begin with :)http://forums.getpai...nner-tutorials/

And perhaps later buy this indispensible guide ;)http://forums.getpai...paintnet-ebook/ This will help you in so many ways :)

If however you wish to edit someone elses pictures, your best heading to google ;)





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Hello paintyournet - welcome to the forum.

We have a section of the forum devoted to created images - it's called the Pictorium and can be found here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/forum/16-the-pictorium/

There are threads in that section where you can post your images for critique and for help. You can also create your own gallery to show off your work.

If you would like to introduce yourself to the other forum members, this thread is the place to do it:

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