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I have been using Paint.net for the past 4 months, 6 hours per day, every day,

to create a photo family album (big family - I know!).

The only drawback I've found it that when using the Save As... option, I am constantly

manually changing the program's default format from .pdn to .png.

I think (in my opinion) that they should add the option to change the Save As... (permanently)

to whatever the user wants.

It may not seem like a big deal, but when you're saving in excess of 490 pages - it makes all the difference!!!

(The attached pic is what "I" imagined it would look like - see bottom of pic)


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If you flatten the image first, the default filetype for flattened images is .png

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The extension adopted is related to data loss. Paint.NET selects the extension which preserves data.

If you image has more than one layer, the extension *.PDN is used as this is the only format which preserves the layer structure and is lossless .

If your image is a single layer, the extension *.PNG is applied. This saves the image losslessly.

Now you understand why pdnnoob's suggestion was to flatten the image (Ctrl + Shift + F). As a single layer image the extension *.PNG will be applied, HOWEVER the resultant file will be a single layer. Useful for the final version of something - less than useful if you wish to re-edit the image. Tip: Always save yourself a master *.PDN copy!

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