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Saving a custom font?

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First off this may be difficult to understand... thats maybe why i havent fond an answer yet.

Basically what ive done, is taken a font ive found online and made quite a few changes to it by use of the paint brush, eraser and so on... now i want to save these changes and use this new "font" ive created, and use it in pictures and stuff.

what i would like to know, is how do i save the changes ive made? But i only want the words ive used. I dont want the black backgound i edited on. I would like to open the file, and just have the words i edited on the new background.

hope that want to complicated

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Actually, the solution is much simpler than you seem to think:

Delete the black background and save as a .png file.

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Clarifying: In order to "use" the font you'll have to import each character as an image.

Changing a font in this way does not make the changed font usable from the Text tool :TextTool:

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