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Scan button in menu bar

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Good day everyone,

since i have some heavy scanning to do (i need to scan 300-500 pages from different books), I would really appreciate a scan button AND a shortcut to the scanner/scan menu. I searched for plugins, none found.

Could it be possible to add the "Get image from scanner or Camera" to the menu bar ? It would reduce clicking a great time for me (and surely many other people too).

Thankx in advance.

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Perhaps you could attack the problem from the scanner side. My scanner has a "scan to pc" button that the scan driver allowed me to program so that when pressed it scans the page and sends it to Paint.NET. Perhaps yours has something similar?

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Okay .. for german users (as I am one).. Alt + D, Alt+E, Alt + S, Enter.

Or get yourself a Logitech Gaming Keyboard (like my old G11) with macro function. Why didn't I think about that beforehand ^^?

Well still it would be awesome if it was added to the menu bar (with just Alt+ one button) :)

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@ BoltBait:

yes and no. Over here (at work) i have a huge A3 book scanner, but those suckers forgot to install the book-scanning software. So it's just a regular driver via Win7 scanner/printer connector.

At home I have another scanner, who could have a button like this. But I can't use that button since I have to check each picture (I'm scanning 1-200 year old books).

And at home the scanner doesn't have a single scan button. Instead i have to click "scan to".. then in the menu it asks usb, network than local pc (3 clicks on the > button), then if i want color or black&White, then App or Folder.. so it's way more annoying than using paint.net.

For the moment i stick to the G11. Works best for now (unfortunately i don't have a G11 at work).

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Since you plan to scan many pictures, I think you should invest in a new scanner

with a "scan button" that has the ability to scan directly into a folder on your hard drive.


its a scanner connected via network and saves the scanned image file into a shared

directory on your network.

I have an HP scanner 8500 pro plus and i use it for such cases all the time

this way i can get to the images from any computer on my network

using any software i want.

also its stores safely in a shared directory on my NAS file server.

(so no need for a computer software, or a powered on computer at all)

I know brother and other brands have such options too.



my scanner also have a feeder so i can scan many pages into a directory with

one press on my "scan button" ;-)

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"DDAP=Don't Drink And Post!" :-)

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Well actually i'm half done now. Since i have to be done with the scanning in one day, i won't be able to buy a new scanner (and don't think i would even invest money, since i already have a Samsung CLX-3170N color laser printer with a good scanner).

At work we have a Zeutschel OS 12000 (http://www.buchscanner.tv/Buchkopierer.html), we never used it until yesterday, when we found out that the vendor forgot the software to acces it. So therefore i have to do it on my old A3 Scanner or my Samsung CLX-3170N. None of those two has a working Scan to PC button. The A3 Scanner has a power button, that's it. The Samsung CLX is (as written above) a color laser printer, which has a crappy way to scan to the PC. I need to push around 8 buttons to have a page scanned, so no way i'm gonna do that compared to 3x clicking in paint.net.

Photoshop is way to slow (and isn't installed on my machine or the computer who should run the Zeutschel Book Scanner), so i had to install Paint.Net quick to get the job done (i'll scan the night away, it's really quite over here in the office :)

Since this job is so time critical i can't wait until those guys from the vendor of the zeutschel hit our office to install the software.

Well, at least i drove home and got my Logitech G11, macro'ed the three shortcuts Dr. Horrible posted above (the 3 german ones though), and here we go again .. PUSH THAT BUTTON.. (chemical brothers song in mind).

PS: please excuse my faulty english and spelling errors, it's 10pm over here and i'm scanning since 10am..and I'm tired.

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