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Downloading Paint.net

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I have seen a lot of people having problems finding the correct download links on the www.getpaint.net download page and also had to point some friends in the right direction because it is a bit confusing for noobs. Hopefully I am not over stepping my bounds by posting these two pics to help clarify for some which links to click.

On the first page click the one outlined in red.


On the next page click the DOTPDN link circled in red and if that one doesn't work,click the mirror host one next to it.


II hope this helps some and I didn't anger the PDN gods,lol. ;)

(all red circles were made with pdn)

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I wonder how many sets of screenshots we have for this very purpose...counting mine, we have four now :lol:

No, Paint.NET is not spyware...but, installing it is an IQ test. ~BoltBait

Blend modes are like the filling in your sandwich. It's the filling that can change your experience of the sandwich. ~Ego Eram Reputo

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I think the issue is that when people find out about and want to download Paint.net, they go to their favorite search engine to go find out where to download from. I doubt any of them are from people coming through here first. I think these forums are found much too often after the fact when it's too late.

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