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Creating "pixie dust"

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Good afternoon,

I've read through the tutorials and done a search of the forums and cannot find a topic addressing this.

I'd like to create a trail of pixie dust (a la Tinkerbell).

Is there a tutorial somewhere for that, maybe labeled something other than pixie dust? I tried searching for magic, stars, star dust...and just couldn't find anything.

If there isn't a tutorial for this, does any one have suggestions for a newbie on how to create something like this?



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How you do it depends on how you want the "pixie dust" to look. Do you want simple glowing circles or four-pointed stars, large or small...etc. It would help tremendously if you had an example of what you wanted too.

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Thanks for your reply.

What I want to do is create a pixie dust trail across a blue circle or orb.

This image shows the varying shapes and sizes of stars that I'd like to use to make a pixie dust trail.


Attached is a file a friend of mine sent over. I"m not sure I want the pixie dust trail as dense as this, but this is a little closer to what I'd like to do. This one arcs up and over the top of the circle - I'd like it to go across and around, as if I was following the Equator around the Earth.

I'm wondering if this needs a brush plug in or even something else.

I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!


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I would draw out my path with either the pen tool or line tool, then i would duplicate the layer and render frosted glass till it looks okay, then on the duplicated layer set a gaussian blur. Id then play around with layer blends till the colours work.

As for the starry lense flares, id duplicate all the layers twice and render motion blur in two different directions, then contiunue to play around with layer opacitys and maybe use a cloud render as a layer blend to add a little more.

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