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Wisp-like lines - how to create?

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Hello, so this guy called Kevinyoshi makes AMAZING logos. I know for the most part what he does, but he does all these crazy wisp-like lines is what I would call them and I want to know what effects he uses to make them. I have all the plugins, so you can just list them out, or you can tell me more specifically how he makes them. Anyway i will post the picture with this post. Please be nice, this is my first post and Im not even sure if it is supposed to go here. I appreciate any type of help, so once again, please if you can give me a link to a tutorial, or list out the effects he used, or even tell me how to do it yourself. Thanks guys!!!!!

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The best would be that you start off by the beginning... Such as learning the mechanics of the software itself by doing some "newbie" effects and tutorials that you can find out there: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/forum/20-beginner-tutorials/

After you are familiarized with the concept of Paint.NET, you may not even need a single tutorial to create your effects or that "wisp-like line" thing you are naming.

Hope I helped :)


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First - Welcome to the forum!

Second - I've retitled your thread. On this forum we insist on descriptive thread titles - so the forum can be searched more easily.

Third - have a look at this: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/16395-sharps-line-sig-tutorial/ Is that what you are after?

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By "wisp-like", are you referring to something reminiscent of like an illustration of wind blowing, whereas the ends just fade out? If I've described it properly (and it's not what EER above has pointed out), you can try drawing your lines on a blank layer and then applying the motion blur plugin to it. And if you go into some sort of hook or curly-q type line and don't wish to apply the motion blur to the body of the line, use the selection tool and select the end section plus space out beyond the end and then run motion blur. It will only apply the affect to the area designated by the selection you made.

Otherwise, good luck - I hope one of these 2 suggestions helps you.

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Thakns for all the help everyone, Im reading your answers right now and qwerty, I can do stuff preety well, actually but I just need to learn how to figure this out so I made a forum. Thanks for your help anyway, you guys are great :D.

I tried posting a picture is it just me or did it not upload?

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you can also use after the "smoke" effect , the "twist plugin" from pyrochild


play with the brush/ring size and other settings also how fast you move the brush/ring.

this would enable you to get even more twisted lines effects.

most of the time i do it on a new layer then combine/merge it into the other layers as needed.

also you can play with and add shadow effect to get the black color under/over the lines/smoke.


edit: when i think of it, i even use it on the lines before the smoke effect, to get even "more smoke" ;-)

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