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How - To | Design A Rainbow Eye


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So , first off. go to google chrome , or your default web browser and search "Eye" . Choose an eye you like . here the one im using.


Paste it into a new image , on its own layer

Create a new layer , double click the layer to go to "Layer Properties" . and change the mode to "Overlay"

Heres an image

: bf9nl.png

Next up , on the new layer we just created [Layer 2] , color in the pupil , in any colour , like so.


Use the magic wand tool to select the red area that i have created [ or any color you made ] and go to Effects , Textures , Rainbow Twist , decrease the X and Y Factor to your liking , hit OK . unselect it and look at your rainbow eye .


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Hmmm, I use Lasso, Feather, Color flip/rotate, Ereaser, Gradient and a lot of layers, making the tear: 3 layers. 2 white "dots" and then color flip/rotate and use properties so you get those cool effects. and more :) try it out!


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It's been done before and the images are too large. Confirmation that you haven't read the Tutorial Posting Guidelines

Please do so before posting another tutorial.


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