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printing several pictures

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first apologize my simple English (I'm from Germany and unfortunately there isn´t a German paint.net-forum).

My problem: I´d like to print some pictures on a 44" plotter. So I defined a level (90 cm x 120 cm) in paint.net that matches my paper-size (90 cm x 120 cm). The pictures should be in a row, always 3 - each is 25 cm x 30 cm print-size. When I paste a picture (import from a file) the picture is going to be as big as my defined level and there is no place for other pictures.

I also tried to copy and paste the pictures but the result is the same. I changed the pixel-size, but then the print-size changes too ...

What is wrong? Perhaps paint.net is the wrong program for such a job?

I´d be pleased to get an answer from you!

Thank you very much and greetings from Bavaria,


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.. I changed the pixel-size, but then the print-size changes too ...

What is wrong?

Nothing is wrong. The print size is a function of the image size and the print resolution (DPI). Very simply, the print size will be the image size in pixels divided by the DPI that you're printing at.

See my mini-tutorial here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/24680-help-on-printing-edited-photos/#entry372245

In depth discussion of DPI: http://forums.getpai...-print-and-web/

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thank you very much for your answers and your links. now i know a little more about dpi a.s.o., although this is not so easy to understand.

but my main-problem still exists: how can i arrange my fotos in a row: 3 in the first row,

3 in the second and so on. when i copy a foto (e.g. 10 x 8 cm) into the defined layer (e.g. 80 x 80 cm), it will be as big as the layer and there is no space for another foto. if i resize the foto first, will its print-size change, too?

thank you for your patience.

peter d.

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You should start out with the canvas size defined as you desire and blank (or white). Import each picture on a new layer and resize each image (as shown in the link I provided before). If you otherwise choose to use the Image Resize option, you will likewise change the canvas size, so it is important you change the images my manual manipulation. You should then be able to fit each image onto the canvas.

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thank you, jim!

this works well. still one last question: if i understand you correctly it is not possible to resize a loaded image without changing the canvas size!

but when i change the image by manual manipulation - how can i maintain the proportions? i´m afraid that by reducing the image manually the length to width ratio will be other than before. perhaps the values can be entered in a scale or sth. else?

many thanks in advance

peter d.

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