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Higher Quality .agifs and .gifs?

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I downloaded the .agif plugin a long time ago, and I use it constantly. The problem is that the plugin dramatically reduces the quality of animated gifs. I have compared gifs made through Paint.NET and through Photoshop, and the exact same image is always significantly clearer when produced through Photoshop. It's like Paint.NET adds grain to every image saved with the plugin. Here's a quick example:





As you can see, they are the same image (ignore the timing, I'm pretty new to Photoshop .gifs) but the first has much lower quality than the second.

It may not seem like such a big deal, but with some images, it just makes everything look pretty terrible.

Is there any possible way to make my Paint.NET images look just as nice?

I need to make .gif images constantly, but I much prefer the interface of Paint.NET to Photoshop and I really don't want to switch.

Can anyone help me out? In editing the plugin or coming up with a workaround, or anything else that can solve this problem?

Thank you so much in advance.

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Make animated png images instead.

If I'm not mistaken, .gif images in general are images that use a limited number of colors (256) in order to decrease file size. Paint.net has a preset palette of .gif colors while Photoshop tries to choose the best colors to include based on the image. Your colors didn't exactly match up with the preset colors, hence the dots. (I'm likely to be way off, but that's the impression I got the last time this was brought up)

.apng images, however, can use pretty much any and as many colors as you wish, so the images always look nice :)

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Why the compulsion to use GIFs?

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