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Image Correction - Novice Needs Help

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I need some help.

I am a complete novice as to the process I should follow to touch up/correct images. The attached file is a typical example of what I am faced with doing. The original comes from a scrapbook of newspaper cuttings from the 1940's.

I would like to "correct" these to remove the effects where the glue has degrade the document and where there are blemishes etc. Unfortunately I do not have a grasp of the language used or the techniques available and so have come to the forum for guidance.

What I need to learn/understand is just what to do "step by step" within PaintNet i.e what tools and in what order and what adjustments to make to settings within each tool.

If there is something available as an 'idiots' guide then please point me in the right direction.

Thank you in anticipation.

PS I am profficient with simple selection, cropping etc.


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Hello Tipton harrier ;)

The method I used was basically:

1. duplicate layer

2. run my 'tweak edges' plugin on top layer to get black outlines on transparent layer

3. tidy this up with the eraser

4. run surface blur on lower layer

5. use color picker to set colour to the background color

6. use paintbrush to cover the damaged areas

7. run surface blur again till background is smooth

8. merge layers down

9. use contrast/brightness adjustment to suit.

Hope this helps - good luck!


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1. Pencil sketch (I don't recall if it is a plugin or built in effect...) at 20 tip size and 9 range

2. Brightness/contrast -40 brightness and 50 contrast

3. Use the brush tool set to white to clean up.

4. Adjust the Brightness/Contrast again to your liking.

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