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Plugins share rights

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Hello everybody!

i have question - i'm goin' to create polish subsite of Paint.NET and i wanted to add some info about program as well as add some plugins... i will do it with signing each one by the name of Author, as well i'll put there link to each Author web site (if You have give it in profile acount info)... i want to do this cause in poland a lot of users are working at cracked versions of soft (prize of each one is higher then in other countries...) and i wanted to show much better alternative than braking the law... In Your opinion - can i do it? as i said i will not sign each plugin or tut my name but Yours... and i will translate how to use it - just this :) so basicly there will be original language of each dll as well (i'm not programmer so that's for sure :P) TNX for cooperation :)


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Feel free to use everything from me that you'll find on this forum...

Be aware that I also translate/adapt tutorials from other authors...

As translation/adaptation I don't think I need authorisation as long as I give my source.

My first one, I tried to find a PM or email address to the author but there was none! Since then I don't try anymore ! (my bad!)

Also if you rebuild in another language with your own screenshot, I think noone will blame you.

On the top of that, do we have to be more strict if we want to share freely than expensive soft's forums where (I belive) a lot of soft's copies are outlaws ?

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what's goin' on Rick? :wink: for further info You heaven't got enough time,but for movin' topics or posts You have a lot of it :) anyway today i'm creating a site for customer, WITH PAINT.NET! :) i've downloaded a 3.00 beta version, it's realy cool - i upgraded it by plugins - it's more then cool, and now Adobe can simply kiss my... usb port ;) Cheers!

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