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    ouu my god... PC's, PC's and PC's ;)

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  1. Hey to all! Listen, i'm wondering, cause in Photoshop, there are tree options of Lasso - Normal, Magnetic and Polygonic (which one i use very often) so the question is - is there any chance to have the same possibility of choising a type of lasso in further versions ? question without answer ? sorry cause of that, rude me... :?
  2. what's goin' on Rick? :wink: for further info You heaven't got enough time,but for movin' topics or posts You have a lot of it anyway today i'm creating a site for customer, WITH PAINT.NET! i've downloaded a 3.00 beta version, it's realy cool - i upgraded it by plugins - it's more then cool, and now Adobe can simply kiss my... usb port Cheers!
  3. i realy hope, that a lots of them will be in the same opinion as You Cheers!
  4. Isn't it ironic Rick? I just want to create a helpfull web site for peoples, who's using a cracked soft, and only person - who gives me a replay is You... i just can't understand why?
  5. i checked a moment ago - everything's allright - try to re-instal programm or even download again - maybe a package with setup is bad... i have no idea - it's working at my P.C. Cheers!
  6. MadJik can You translate into an english please ? especialy this one with cup (cause i love coffe and i want to make a wallpaper with this )
  7. Hello everybody! i have question - i'm goin' to create polish subsite of Paint.NET and i wanted to add some info about program as well as add some plugins... i will do it with signing each one by the name of Author, as well i'll put there link to each Author web site (if You have give it in profile acount info)... i want to do this cause in poland a lot of users are working at cracked versions of soft (prize of each one is higher then in other countries...) and i wanted to show much better alternative than braking the law... In Your opinion - can i do it? as i said i will not sign each plugin or tut my name but Yours... and i will translate how to use it - just this so basicly there will be original language of each dll as well (i'm not programmer so that's for sure ) TNX for cooperation Cheers!
  8. it's some kind of missunderstanding - i want to create polish site with paint.net because a lot of folks here are using piracy version of different soft... it's not something that rick must do don't worry about that - me and my friend will make all site (maybe in double language version polish & english) it will be a little help for PC users, who wants to use a legal (or freeware) soft. now - is it quite clear ? :) Cheers! and this will be some kind of official polish logo...
  9. i know that it may be stupid question, but is it good idea - i want to make a polish site of Paint.NET... i will put them a polish language pack, setup for instalation of program and links to plugins. Site will be in polish language wersion... i thinikin' that it may be a good idea - cause a lots of people in poland knows russian and german language, but english is like spanish - a less of polish can easy understand... so i guess i'm waitning for replay of course there will be an info in polish and english who's an autor of programe and who's a owner of NET Framework
  10. use your imagination - if there's no such option in paint.net, search it in different soft - as gimp Cheers!
  11. i tried to contact them, but there was no response... i will check a translation of seba and ewentually i'll put a download links here... anyway i'm interested in showin' an alternative for expensive photoshop Cheers!
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