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Hi everyone, new to this site, though had software for some time. I have a problem and little time to search this forum and understand some of the buzz words used.

I am trying to create a theater poster - A3 - using a downloaded image of an Edwardian man and woman for a production of Les Fiancés des Loches. Yes, it's French, cos that's where I live. The director wants the image which is more grey than colour as a silhouette.

So, how might I do this? Also I want to copy the male image (I can crop the male/female image to create separate male) and then turn the image, so he is facing left to right and not right to left as in origiinal.

I am desperate for advice in non tech terms. I want to create poster in OpenOffice which I use with Drawing facility for newsletters for groups I am member of. PM me if that helps, or would be happy to Skype. I've said to the director I can do this by end of week! Image attached I have changed to a sepia, original is more grey.



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Hi cjm, welcome to the forum!

There are a couple of silhouette plugins that might help e.g. silhouette Plus

If that doesn't produce the solution you desire, we may have to get all technical (gasp!) and try some image filtering.

The trick here is to remove the background (alternatively: make it white) while retaining the foreground elements (the people). Off the top of my head I'm thinking that this plugin might be worth trying Black and Alpha+

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