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  1. Hi everyone, new to this site, though had software for some time. I have a problem and little time to search this forum and understand some of the buzz words used. I am trying to create a theater poster - A3 - using a downloaded image of an Edwardian man and woman for a production of Les Fianc├ęs des Loches. Yes, it's French, cos that's where I live. The director wants the image which is more grey than colour as a silhouette. So, how might I do this? Also I want to copy the male image (I can crop the male/female image to create separate male) and then turn the image, so he is facing left to right and not right to left as in origiinal. I am desperate for advice in non tech terms. I want to create poster in OpenOffice which I use with Drawing facility for newsletters for groups I am member of. PM me if that helps, or would be happy to Skype. I've said to the director I can do this by end of week! Image attached I have changed to a sepia, original is more grey. Chris
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