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Well here goes.

Hopefully we'll see some improvement over time.

This was my very first ever bit of serious artwork. Created following barbieq25's excellent tutorial.


A couple of other jewels that I did.



A golden shield Following another tutorial.


A red ball...


A glowing blue ball...


This is one of many tiles that I am working on for a computer game that I like to play to relax


And another...


My first go at a planet...


I then realized that something was missing - polar ice caps, so...


Then I felt the need for a sun and moons...


and of course there's the ice cream (lol) and the signature.

I did this a few days ago and forgot about it.



Had a go at the sword tutorial.

Must confess because of the length of the tutorial I started to get a bit bored and was glad when I finished it.




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I really like your take on barbie's jewel tut and the planets are beautiful. The shield, glowing ball, the red ball are well-done. I suggest you use Feather or AA Assistant for the sharp edges, but awesome pieces regardless.

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Great start. We all have to learn to walk before running etc. It is very frustrating to me to not find somethings as simple as I thought they should be when doing this.

Great tutorial work and some nice starts on the planet scapes. From the galleries I've seen (Goonfella's even was a great one in the before and after) these always evolve and just keep getting better as you grow more knowledgeable with the tool-sets.

Friendly side note: You'll want to fix those image sizes though (here and elsewhere) on some of those as they are exceeding the rules ...


Gallery at PDN-Fans

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