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Deleting a portion of a picture

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I have a image that has everything on the background layer. I want to delete some text and replace them with different text. But when i use the selection tool to delete the text, i just get a white/black check box area. How do i delete a portion of the picture and replace it with white blank space?

Oh and how do i adjust the size of the text box when inserting new text?

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deleting and replacing with white background: the checkered background is simply an indicator that the area is completely transparent. There are many ways you can make it white, but I would recommend adding a new layer underneath your original (add new layer, then move layer down) and filling it with white (paint bucket tool).

There is no text box. Use the enter key to go to the next line.

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As a tip - always place your text on it's own layer. If you had done this, editing or replacing the text would be a snap and you wouldn't have to worry about replacing the background.

Of course for this to work you need to save the file in a format that preserves the layers (like the native *.pdn). Once you save the source file it can be saved in a new format of your choice (use File > Save As to save it as a *.png, *.jpg, etc...,).

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