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Assistance, advice, tips needed for pastiche

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Well hello people,

I wanted to imitate the style used in the recent Battlefield posters, especially the slight flame reflection effect covering part of the soldiers. So I looked for tutorials, only to find out that there is practically none for Paint.NET, let alone for anything. Oh, there

one video, but it makes use of Photoshop's custom brushes, the result is not really the same both in the vid AND when I tried to do it. There are other works done already, who managed to imitate the original posters pretty well.

And now I am here, asking the far more experienced editors than me out there what to do with Paint.NET in order to get that burning effect. There is an approach I've tried, if it helps.

1. Draw an oval above the places to have the flame effect.

2. Put a gradient (yellow to red) on it.

3. Gauss-blur the oval (30 was fine).

4. Put the layer with the oval as overlay.

5. Copy the layer a couple of times.

It looked close... kinda. Except that when in contact of the blue colour of the object I wanted to apply the effect on, the flame blended in and took a greenish colour. The red colour was also much more extreme in the picture, lowering its quality.

If you have any tips, suggestions and other things, you're definitely welcome.

Thanks already.

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can you post the poster that you want to add the effect to? it wiould make it a lot easier

as without it i dont know what "blue color your trying for

you might try using a single color to transparent gradient on a seperate layer adding lighter colored sigle colr to tarnspoaernt c=gradient on a third- make it smaller than the first, then merging those down before setting tooverlay, then flattening.. remember once you set a layer to "overlay" you will need to use the flatten option, not the merge down as mergingit will add the layers properties to lower layersonce you add the gradient to you liking, go to the orriginal pic, select outside the object you want the "glow" on, go back to the glow layer and delete.. this will remove any of the gradient from just hanging in the air


just a quick workup.. the glow isnt as detailed.. but then there is no "blue"

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original: http://bookmarqc.com/8khakis/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Little-Big-Soldier-Jackie-Chan-1024x682.jpg

Here is what I ended up with: th_JackieChan.png

I used a good amount of Alpha Masking (blurring first of course) for the hand & hair. Beneath the cut out layer I ran Clouds at default B & W, Fire! at default, layer blend mode on copied layer was multiply.

For the right hand side body I did a reddish orange gradient, played again with the Fire! duplicated the layer & used multiply for the blend mode, used rotate zoom to make the whole thing bigger.

Play with the fire plugin, I'd say. Otherwise lots of layers with blurred lines so that you kinda build up the look & use transparency rather than blend modes? Just my thoughts & a very quick mock up.


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@ like, all those image samples made by using the Clone Stamp tool with a transparent color on a transparent layer.

-Duplicate the image layer

-Tint the bottom layer to red or orange

-Add a new transparent layer on top of all.

-In the color palette, lower the opacity of the primary color

-Clone the needed parts from the red/orange layer to the transparent layer, change the Brush width as required while cloning.

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(Sorry for the delay, I was held up quite a bit)

First of all, thanks to everyone for your suggestions! Mountman's mini-tutorial seems to have done the trick quite nicely: the burn effect is much closer now, and the colours are much more faithful to the original work. While Barbieq25's example is quite stylish, it diverges too much from what I want to obtain. I will still keep this (definitely more advanced) mini-tut in mind though, in case it would be more useful later on. Yellowman's method also sounds quite interesting, though I'll need to familiarize myself with the Clone Stamp tool a lot more before attempting anything. I'll keep experimenting, I already have something decent, but why not develop something further to get a tutorial perhaps? :P

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