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Efficient way to recolour objects within a photo

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Hoping someone on the forum can assist with this question.

I am in need of an efficient method of changing an object within a photo to a standard colour without losing the shading and highlights. I am aware of the lasso selection tool but I have to do this process on potentially thousands of photos so need (in my perfect world) either an automated process or ( in a less perfect world) a process that takes only seconds per photo.

Anyone aware of a program. utility, plugin or anything else that can accomplish this?

All meaningful input gratefully accepted.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi albeix,

Welcome to the forum!

Try downloading and installing Curves+.

The reason I suggest this is that you can fiddle with the Colors/luminosity et al and then save the configuration for reuse as a preset color filter.


Here's some more on the process of applying filters: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/21783-vintage-effect-pack-for-curves/page__view__findpost__p__353980

Of course there are loads of other tools that will also help, depending on the photo and what you're trying to achieve. Please feel free to post a modestly sized image of what you're trying to recreate.

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If the object stands out in the image because of its color, I would recommend the conditional hue/saturation adjustment (you'd have to download and install the plugin as it doesn't come with pdn).

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