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Batch re-size images

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First post, its a question and my current solution.

If you can re-size batch images in paint.net, I'd like to know how you usually go about doing that. Just today I downloaded from a blog a some odd 40 game screenshots, in what looked like a standard widescreen resolution. After checking the dimensions on the pictures, I found that they were all 1920x1079...... Being off by 1 pixel is bad, enough to make me go crazy, so I opted to edit them into the 1920x1080 resolution. I found a plugin that would add in a batch re-sizer and it worked. But upon closer inspection, it blurred my original image just slightly. Thats even worse than being off by 1 pixel.

So, I came across this layer saver executable.. I opened all the images in one canvas as layers, re-sized the canvas by 1 pixel, saved the lot as a PDN, then extracted all the layers as a brand new perfect image except for 1 column of pixels. Other than re-naming everything in ordered numbers, it works perfectly. But still, I have to know, is there anything just as good that can be within paint.net?

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IrfanView will do batch processing.

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