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Effect Idea

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I just had an idea regarding how effects work. What if there was an "effect layer" for each layer? Rather than the effect permanently change that layer, it could just be added onto that layer, rendered, edited, and removed at will. This way having to undo an effect wouldn't have to be done chronologically. And if later in the process we decided that an effect was not what we are looking for, we just turn it off and try something else-- the layer wouldn't have to be recreated.


I create some fine looking text.

I edit the effects layer for that layer to add a blur and an outline.

I then make all sorts of other layers, and I decide I don't like the way the outline looks.

So I can then edit the effect layer for that layer, and I turn off the outline.

I imagine that this would cause some resource opportunities (polite word for issues), as the effects would have to be "painted" on for everything.

How can we make this happen?

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why not simply delete the layer causing you problems and remake it? just as i save a .pdn version of all my work to keep the layers seperate.. i also keep and unmodified layer of each main part of the pic so i can go back and make this sort of change


i add text to a seperate layer-

i dupicate the text layer and move the copy down under the background preserving it for future use


SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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What you're asking for is called an Effect Layer.

Some day ...


too bad I don't have windows 7...I'm gonna miss out T.T

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