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Possible to turn a photo sideways 15 degrees?

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Hi I am completely new to paint.net with much to learn. Is it possible to turn an image a little bit, not rotate or invert, just turn it maybe 15 degrees? A friend of my daughter's did this for me originally and I want to duplicate it. Cannot find the instructions in the tutorials or on this forum. Maybe it is not possible. I've attached an example.post-85013-131430247274_thumb.png

B. Roberts

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I can answer my own question! After an embarrassing number of hours, I just discovered that right mouse clicking the inside of the image will allow me to tilt and move it.

You can constrain the rotation to exactly 15 degree increments by holding down the SHIFT key while you 'right mouse' .

More > http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/MoveTools.html

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