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Generating Mini-Grids

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I want to place the outline of a grid over a section of the image; something transparent - apart from the lines of the boxes - and scalable, in the manner of a MS Word table or a MS Excel worksheet. I tried a gridmaker plugin, but it insisted on covering the whole work area; which isn't what I want.

Any ideas?

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1. add new layer

2. adjust layer opacity in the layer properties (maybe set it to about 100-150)

3. select the section you wish the grid to cover

4. run the gridmaker plugin [EDIT:or the cellmaker plugin mentioned by EER]

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Another option might be CellMaker. I created it to easily create a grid within a given selection. I.e. if you want specifically sized cells, this plugin will fill your selection only with complete cells.

The updated version (minus screenshots) can be found here: CellMaker Rev

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You're welcome! Enjoy your time on the forum.

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