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New to paint.net , Layers

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I have used Photoshop free trial and got the hang of it. Trial has ended and found paint.net, looks great.

However I am really struggling with the basics of opening and using layers and backgrounds.

Once I have opened my background and try select new layer, it appears in box just pixelated, when I try open a picture, it just changes new picture to background instead ?

How do Iopen and see new layer so Iam able to use both and combine one with the other, this is really frustrating me, I have spent hours with no luck, just going round in circles


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To add another layer above the 1st layer one way is to use the Layers tab on the top of the Paint.Net screen then Import from File.

Thanks, the link did not work.

Have tried that, everything I open defaults to being called background,so end upwithb multiple pictures all called background

q, please step by step...first open bacground, then what do I click / open in order to add new layers & be able to see, open and use them, then add to background.

Photo Shop was as simple as select open as many times as you want, then click to view and switch between background and layers.This is not, please help

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when you open a new image your first layer is "background" but thats just the name given, you dont have to keep this layer--(its prefilled with white) you can delete it, or chang ethe name- whatever you want- to add a new layer, hit the "add new layer" button this will add a transparent layer- you will be able to see thru it to the background layer..when you add things to this layer they will appear to be on the background but you can manipulate the layer without effecting the back ground--- if you delet the background layer, or erase parts of it, you will see a checkerboard pattern-- this pattern will not be vissible on your finished work- it just lets you know thta that portion of the image is fully transparent, and will contain no image when you save-if you save to a file type that supports transparency like PNG

to work with the different layers you use the Layer Window-- this should open in the lower right of your screen.. if its not there go to Windows tab and hit the reset windows location

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Link in Welshy's post fixed. You should find a load of excellent info on layers in the paint.net help files (Press F1 with paint.net open, or use the above link).

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