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How do you do the backround on this banner

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Here's how I would go about "reverse engineering" your image:

1. Make observations. Try to separate individual components of the image into layers in your head. Organize them in layer order (I started with bottom layer and ended with top)

~Stripes way in the back

~Blurry dark shadow-like splotches

~Drop shadows of lines and dots

~Faint lines and dots

~Bright glowy lines and dots

2. Make a rough outline of how you would do things. Think of how you would make each component and jot your thoughts down.

~Stripes: line tool and outline object (for orange stripe). Paintbucket to fill back with dark green

~Blurry shadow splotches: render>clouds set layer blend mode to darken

~Drop shadows: duplicate bright lines layer and darken and lower opacity of layer

~Faint things: Line tool and paintbrush. Lower opacity of layer

~Glowy things: Line tool and paintbrush with green color. Duplicate layer and blur. Go back to first layer and brighten.

3. Try to follow your steps as best you can. If something doesn't work quite as well as you hoped, keep trying things until it does.

Good luck with your reverse engineering!

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http://searchpaint.net/ + "Sharps line sig tutorial" boltbait.wink.png
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