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Okay, probably the most n00by question here, but: how do I make straight lines? I found out that you can click and hold one of the arrow keys to get a horizontal/vertical line. But how do I get a straight diagonal line? I'm doing an isometric drawing getting ready for my engineering class next semester, and I want to be familiar with using isometric paper. But I can't make any lines! :D

Thanks for any help!

Oh, and if anyone has a picture of some isometric paper handy, I'd love you for forever. I'm having no luck finding the right type with Google Images.

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Hold SHIFT down to constrain the line to 15 degree increments. Makes drawing straight lines much easier when you use the mouse!

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hmmm, i dont know. i select run, then extract to the effects folder and it shows up on the effects menu...you could try just downloading the hexa grid


you DID close Paint.net before you downloaded it, yes?

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SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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That's odd, I had no trouble this time. I right-clicked on the file and clicked "Extract..." and went to the PAINT.NET folder and nothing happened. I did the same thing this time and it worked perfectly. Little bit frustrating, but I have all I need now! Thanks for your help. =)

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