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will paint dot net ever have LIVE TRACING PLUgin

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my friend has illustrators and he has this plugin thats included in the software that allows scanned pictures to be trace to digital format and in a matter of minutes hes already able to to start coloring his artwork. i was shock at this plugin ability it freezes(hardcore lagging) my friends computer for about a good minute but the result still amazes me

im tired of the time consuming effort required to trace my scanned drawings with the line/curve tool.. question is does anyone kno of a plugin similar to "live Trace" it would save me so much time

thanks n advance

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actually, you don't really need to do all that. just scan your picture as a text document if it's already inked. this will clean up pencil marks.

then on PDN, change the blend mode of the lineart layer [the art you just scanned] to mutiply. then make subsequent layers under it as color. ^^ i learned this on Deviantart and it really helps in a long run since i am not the best at erasing my pencil marks. ^^;

if you get stuck again, i suggest looking up tutorials on deviantart, even if they are photoshop. this forum is great but it's mostly for item creation, not coloring and the like.


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Several plugins have been created to assist with cleaning up scanned lineart images. Check out these....,

Isolate Lineart

Black and Alpha+

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