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  1. >_< Not sure if I did that but thanks. But now I kinda wish art programs come with an autosave feature like MS Word....
  2. PDN just shut down while I was trying to save a file. said file was drawn in completion with my tablet and has 5 layers and no plugins used. not sure if it's the tablets fault or PDN but this is the first time this has happened in the past week or so i have been using the tablet with PDN. Tablet: Genius MousePen OS: Windows 7 Paint.net version : 3.5.8 for windows Crash report Application version: Paint.NET v3.5.8 (Final Release build 3.58.4081.24580) Time of crash: 5/17/2011 8:09:48 PM Application uptime: 00:39:27.3684057 Install directory: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET Current director
  3. ....neither of those really take care of pencil marks which can really screw up a drawing. downloading both but....it's not the same....
  4. actually, you don't really need to do all that. just scan your picture as a text document if it's already inked. this will clean up pencil marks. then on PDN, change the blend mode of the lineart layer [the art you just scanned] to mutiply. then make subsequent layers under it as color. ^^ i learned this on Deviantart and it really helps in a long run since i am not the best at erasing my pencil marks. ^^; if you get stuck again, i suggest looking up tutorials on deviantart, even if they are photoshop. this forum is great but it's mostly for item creation, not coloring and the like.
  5. @barbie: *sweatdrop* i notice that. it seems like i am one of the few who uses paint.net for coloring. no wonder photoshop is more popular.... @OCFR: hmmmm....all that comes to mind for me is to just select the shape with the magic wand tool then use gradient. *shrug* that's how i color some of my stuff.....or do the long way and start a new layer on top of it [or under if it's line work] with the lightest color then ad new layers with it going progressively darker but make sure to leave a little of the previous layer visible. go through and bur all layers you just made then merge them into o
  6. apparently, you are the only one who thinks so but thanx. ^^
  7. [@admins: yes, i read the rules and yes i searched. no tutorial for this popped up. just questions] Anyone who has seen my gallery knows i draw my own art then color it with PDN but on my Deviantart page, i get questions on how i choose shades of skin. To be honest, i just randomly pick but here is a more streamlined way i thought up when looking at this tablet/Photoshop tutorial on deviantart For this tutorial, you will need one plugin. Shape3D You can get that here------>>>Shape3D Before doing anything you must install the plugin. how to do that is here. 1. open up a new canvas
  8. hope i'm not in trouble...the last one is EXACTLY 800x600 [according to photobucket] if it's still too big, i can take it down. >_< anyway, this is all recent stuff. all of it is viewable at hoshiria.devianart.com but most of it will be moved to mitzumikare.deviantart.com since i am focusing more on original art. all fanart worth seeing will be on my pixiv account. [miracle pair cover is on the mitzumi one] so, as review will be gone soon new account for just original art fanart here thanks to all the commentors. ^^
  9. thanks again everyone. went on spring break and got absolutely nothing done [perhaps anime convention/dentist appointement/playing IT department for mom has something to do with it?] other than this one picture. for once, i don't have to resize. ha ha! this was made using a base ubt i had recoloered the skin and all the outfits and accessories and hair i did on PDN. so...many...damn...layers....and gaussian blur is my new best friend. this is on my deviant art account and all of the characters belong to me....i'm working on this EPIC picture but...it's taking so long....*dies*
  10. sorry dude but i like the first one better. it conveys riku's personality better. *KH fangirl*
  11. forgot to say this earlier but thanx barbie. ^^ @chris: thanx.......2 whole days to color it......>_<
  12. so many layers......@_@......*dies*
  13. just seeing if i use it as a sig....but still...how do i get that effect? i have a picture in mind i want to use it on.
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