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  1. sorry dude but i like the first one better. it conveys riku's personality better. *KH fangirl*
  2. just seeing if i use it as a sig....but still...how do i get that effect? i have a picture in mind i want to use it on.
  3. Uhm....chris....that's a dude. >_< kingdom hearts....riku i think. either way, nice job Trust and Welcome to the Forum. ^^
  4. pretty cool but i can't really see what the focus is- spiderman or the darkness [anti-spiderman?]? I still like it either way so 7/10. re review: c4d????? wth is that? REVIEW THIS:
  5. should have said this earlier but the 'cloudy' effect is actually a flame background i made with a tutorial i found on Deviant art. it's just so piled with other stuff, you can't really see it. either way, thanks chris. ^^
  6. This! Is! Sparta!! That is what your sig screams at me. [though might have gotten the reference wrong]. The antiquing look makes it pop more so than it would in color and the direction and flow makes it seem all the more epic [plays O Fortuna] OVERALL: 9/10 little fix: not sure if you want the 'Clash of the titans' thing to be visible or invisible. it caught my eye at the last second. intentional?
  7. 9/10 the colors are sharp [pun] and pop out at you but it might be a bit blinding on a higher res screen [obviously my poor butt has no such problem, lol] either way, i like the simplicity of it. ^^
  8. Yo. I'm Mimi Dark or as known by Google as Mitzumi Kare. I've had PDN for less than a year but have been using it for three years [school computers and proxies are practically made for each other]. Joined a day or so ago with a classic n00b flail n fail and i hope i can contribute or at the least improve my art skills into the 21st century. College student in Georgia right now and beginning to do webcomics. I've been a fanfict writer for 6 years. So again, Yo.
  9. I wish i could animate stuff..... anyway, opinion on current signature? made with part of pyrochild's tutorial and....part fooling around. :blush:
  10. is about to crank on the evanescence and crank out the fanfiction.

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