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How to capture in a circle?

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Good morning to you all once again.

I have found myself trying to capture a logo that is round and copy it in order to paste it into another circle . (thus it has to be round , not rectangle or square)

The closest I have come was to use the Ellipe Select tool and "poke and hope".. but did finally get pretty much what I wanted.

My question is,, is there a better way?

Thanks in advance..


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Thank you.. that is what I want to do.. Now.. how do I make it a watermark?

Yesterday,, I used the ellipe tool and F4 and mulitply and was able to fade just the logo..

I just did what was explained above with holding down the shift key,, I copied to another page in Paint.net, but when I tried to make it a watermark,, the whole page started to turn to checkerboard???????

What did I do right yesterday and wrong now?



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