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Request: Auto-flatten image for jpg

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I use Paint.Net a lot to create images for Word. So I save in .jpg org .png. And everytime I save my work (which contains layers), Paint.Net asks if I want to flatten it.

Can you please add an "Remeber my selection" check-box, or auto-flatten the image. I think, after seeing that dialog-box for 100x times, you know that there will be no layers afterwards.

Alternatively, you could add a command "Save As Copy..." which doesn't ask for flattening, and will not change the currently active image. (This solution would not require you internally keep track of the user choices.)


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CTRL + SHIFT + F will flatten your image. Use this key combination before you save.

If you save as a PDN file, you will not be prompted to flatten as Paint.Net's own file format (*.pdn) preserves the layer structure.

In summary:

1. Save your working copies of images as a *.pdn (no prompts).

2. When your image is finished, CTRL + SHIFT + F (flattens your image).

3. Save As...., *.jpg

Leaves you with a layered version and a flattened version. You can revisit the *.pdn version if you need to make changes boltbait.wink.png

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