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Rotate/Zoom Feature Suggestion

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I was thinking about this while I was splitting firewood this morning, and I had an interesting thought. The ability to use Rotate/Zoom is an awesome plug-in, and I went to the PDN blog, found a post by Rick where he mentioned the use of IndirectUI for the R/Z interface. Is it possible to add the ability to save the information used in R/Z in XML? It would be similar to pyrochild's gradient mapping plug-in where one can load/save the data into XML. It might not be practical, I'm sure, but I thought I would ask anyway.

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I use scriptlab for something like this.

in fact often if there is a series of plugins one after another I use at certain settings I make my own script and save. plugin is one of Pyrochilds wonders of coding. great plugin! http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=6091


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To be pedantic about it, Rotate/Zoom is not a plugin ;).

There are six numerical settings and two checkboxes, do you really need to save it as XML? (10 secs with a pencil should just about cover it - just write down the setting that are not defaults).

Now Shape 3D - that I can understand having an XML load/save option!

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