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How to draw a triangle?

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As one of my basic steps through the Paint.NET I decided to draw some polygons or simply, to draw the triangle.

Of course there is a way how to draw it - I mean, I can use the basic Line / Curve tool, do roughly three lines and be happy.

But is there any way or any plugin for simple polygon drawing?

I was trying to figure it out "pluginless", also searching here for some plugins in plugin section, but just can't draw such an easy thing.. :/

How do you draw a triangle?? :)

Thx for help

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The simplest way without plugins is to draw a rectangle with the right hand side edge on the middle of the canvas.

Draw a diagonal line from the bottom left of the rectangle to the top right.

Copy the layer, mirror it and merge the layers and there is your triangle... albeit, after erasing a couple of lines!


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many ways to draw triangles

I often use the method Welshy gave above. and these as well

here are a few other methods using different plugins.

version 1

fill screen with your color and use perspective plugin


version 2

this uses gradiants of your primary and secondary color


version 3 using radial gradiant and kalidescope

first fill your screen with gradiant


use kalidescope at these settings.


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