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tools windows appear fullsize

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I encounter a major problem with the tools windows on paint.net.

Some windows like tools or historic or all the ask for an action messages appear in fullscreen on my computer (see attachement).

Have anyone encountered the same problem ?

Config : Windows XP SP3



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Well, I never had this problem, neither seen it before. One question: If you change the language or restet the position of the windows ( Windodows -> Reset Window Positions ), gets this problem solved?

I've just tried but it doesn't solve the problem ..


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I don't have any wallpaper software but i think i use a cutom theme that is called "royale remixed" (anyway my girlfriend has the same theme and the software works fine on her computer).

Could it be some .net framework corrupted ?

I forgot to mention that i've tried with older versions and got same problems with them (even on versions older than 3.0).



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I've uninstalled then installed the .net framework 3.5 but there were no changes ... still the same problem.

I have an ATI fireGL V5000 graphics card.

I think I have ATI Hydravision (see attachement) but don't know what to do with it ?

** edit **

I've stopped the HydraDM.exe process and the problem has gone away .. many thanks !


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Thanks for a wonderful app. I just started using Paint.net 3.5.5 and I had the same problem. You are correct, it was ATI Hydravision that was forcing the Tool windows to full screen. I simply added an exclusion in Hydravision for Paint.net and it works fine now.

1. Open Hydravision

2. Click Individual Application Settings

3. Click Exclusions

4. Click Add and Navigate to the App (mine is at C://Program Files/Paint.net/)

5. Select PaintDotNet.exe and Click Open

6. Click OK and close Hydravision

I had to manually re-size the windows the first time but now Paint.net opens and seems to operate normally. The Hydravision options no longer appear in the title bar but . . . whatever.

Thanks again.

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That's a helpful solution! Thank's for posting the walk through.

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