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Old Timey Effect

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I'm a relative newb. Is there a filter or plugin/whatever that will redo my color photos and make them look like old timey (circa 1900) pictures? I'd need to turn them from color to B&W or the B&W + hand tinted look, add a few scratches, and some script writing (like they used to scratch on tintypes). I can figure out how to do the writing, but everything else is a mystery to me.


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Sigh. As usual, poking around I figured out how to do the tinting. Who knew they'd have the word "Sepia" in a menu.

And I figured out a decent (although not the best) method of adding the scratches. I cloned the picture into two layers, used the "frosted glass" effect on the cloned layer with the following settings:

Maximum Scatter Radius: 27.03

Minimum Scatter Radius: 5.89

Smoothness: 1

I put the cloned layer on top of the original layer, set the cloned layer's opacity to 62, and it seemed to turn out pretty nice.

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You could also try the Olden plugin by Simon Brown

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