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  1. Sigh. As usual, poking around I figured out how to do the tinting. Who knew they'd have the word "Sepia" in a menu. And I figured out a decent (although not the best) method of adding the scratches. I cloned the picture into two layers, used the "frosted glass" effect on the cloned layer with the following settings: Maximum Scatter Radius: 27.03 Minimum Scatter Radius: 5.89 Smoothness: 1 I put the cloned layer on top of the original layer, set the cloned layer's opacity to 62, and it seemed to turn out pretty nice.
  2. All- I'm a relative newb. Is there a filter or plugin/whatever that will redo my color photos and make them look like old timey (circa 1900) pictures? I'd need to turn them from color to B&W or the B&W + hand tinted look, add a few scratches, and some script writing (like they used to scratch on tintypes). I can figure out how to do the writing, but everything else is a mystery to me. Thanks!
  3. Brilliant tutorial! I used your method to produce rounded square buttons. I'm not 100% satisfied with the highlights, but I can tweak them later. Tip for this type of work: Duplicate and keep the original background layer around. Call it "Flat White Background." It will make selecting the work area much easier (i.e. go to layer, magic-wand the circle or rectangle or whatever, then invert selection if needed). Make sure to un-check the "visible" option in the layer properties, though. My first attempt: I followed the tutorial nearly exactly. I only changed three things: 1. Made it a rounded rectangle 2. Used Glow effect, not drop-shadow on the "Control" layer 3. Used drop shadow twice on the flattened image, once with X=0, Y=0, Blur=10, and again with X=5, Y=5, Blur=10 A slight variation - Glossy Marbled Texture Same as above except: 1. Duplicate the "Flat White Background" layer, move to just above "Background" layer and rename to "Marble" 2. Select Primary Color=00660A, Secondary Color=White 3. Magic-wand the Marble layer to select the rectangle. 4. Effects->Clouds(Scale=75, Roughness=75, Blend=Normal) 5. Set Layer Properties to Blend=Normal, Opacity=50 Another slight variation - Swirly Glass Texture Same as above except: 1. Make a new (throwaway) image 800x600. 2. Primary Color=Black, Secondary=White 3. Effects->Clouds(Scale=75, Roughness=75, Blend=Normal) 4. Effects->Distort->Twist(Amount=45,Quality=2) 5. Ctrl-A to select entire image, Ctrl-C to copy 6. Switch back to original image and Edit->Paste Into New Layer. Keep the canvas size. Selection should be centered. 7. Set Layer Properties to Blend=Darken, Opacity=135, Name="Swirly" 8. Move Swirly layer to just above Background layer 9. Go back to Flat White Background layer. Select rectangle, Ctrl-I to invert selection. 10. Go back to Swirly layer and hit Delete key to make swirly same size/shape as rectangle. 11. Effects->Blurs->Radial Blur(Radial Amount=2)