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Welcome to my gallery! I've been a graphics artist for about a year now, I think. I don't really have a style, because I use lots of styles for my graphics (note my Yoshimitsu sig and my gallery sig. Totally different when compared). I make graphics for wetpaint sites mostly. I like avatars a lot, but I'm better at sigs. One of my favorite avatars is Chrisco's because the turtle is cool and the background really adds to it (nice one chrisco!) :wink: My favorite part about making graphics is making the background. The Background sets the mood for the graphic, and you get to use LOTS of effects making them :D:D I'll post backgrounds made my me for you to use to quicken your graphic making process if you find one you like. Most of my sigs and back ground will be 500x150 or 450x150. If your new to Paint.NET, give me a message and I'll show you around ^_^


Hidden Content:
Windows Blue Shadow:



Hidden Content:


Hidden Content:
This is a small simple sig with a big meaning behind it. You can have your name on this one too! Just request:


This one is is my first anime sig. Like it?


This one is a test I did with a Beam effect I learned. I think it's good for a first, you?


This is my first Twilight sig:


This is the one I made for my gallery and sig:


This is one I made using Chrisco's tutorial. It's just a little different, though:


This is one of my favorite characters in Tekken:


This is a Setsa sig I made. Setsa is a creature found in Freaky Creatures (http://www.areyoufreaky.com)


And this is the Dracon found in Freaky Creatures.



Hidden Content:
Nothin' here yet!

[url=http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=33782]My gallery[/url]

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I think it might be. As far as I recall its 500 wide by 150 high. Its mentioned in the rules you could just recheck there.

here's the link to the forum rules see #15


wouldn't be a bad idea to read them all. Makes it easier to navigate around so you don't step on anyones toes.


ciao OMA

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