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Right now I don't have many pics but I'm just gonna post the ones I really like. Feel free to critisise this along as it is constructive critisism(Tell me how you think I could make it better). Or tell me if you like it. Carpet:


Super Cool Explosion(at least it is to me):


Frowney Face:


My Signature:


I'll post more soon.

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Hey there & welcome!

The first one looks like...carpet! :D

Hot effect on the second one...good to see your work & looking forward to seeing more from you...well done!

Why thank you! lol first one is carpet and on the second one I basically only used 3 things but kept redoing 2 of them to make it look awesome.

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Can't say I like the carpet too much, it is a little too simple for me. I quite like the explosion though, nice work on that.

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"The Daedric Prince of Order! Or biscuits... No. Order. And not in the good way. Bleak. Colorless. Dead. Boring, boring, boring."

- Sheogorath on Jyggalag

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At first, welcome to the forum!

That frowny face looks more baffled or upset then.. well, sad. :biggrin:

Well, where can I give advice... you should change the font colour in your sig. Blue doesn't really fit doesn'T fit at all. Go for a warm colour there!

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