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  1. @Ryberg360 That's awesome! How did you do that? @hellovitu That does look pretty cool!
  2. I found out it looks better/cooler with multiply on! Here's a pic of a new one I did with multiply: I also found out a way to not have to download those brushes but still get a cool/good looking result, use the brush on size 25 and just draw random dots(dots not lines), then use the frosted glass effect with maximum radius at 30.00 and minimum radius at 0.00 and smoothness at 1.
  3. Here's my go(I didn't use the brushes you useed but I'm still satisfied with the image) Awesome tutorial!
  4. 9/10 Awesome! Very cool! that picture is so detailed where did you get it? (I won't rate it 10/10 because I'm a sonic fan and people might say just because I'm a sonic fan I rated it perfect)
  5. Why thank you! lol first one is carpet and on the second one I basically only used 3 things but kept redoing 2 of them to make it look awesome.
  6. Thanks! I've been trying to download the evanescent font for a couple days now to make cool sigs and I finally found a tutorial to teach me how to do it!
  7. Right now I don't have many pics but I'm just gonna post the ones I really like. Feel free to critisise this along as it is constructive critisism(Tell me how you think I could make it better). Or tell me if you like it. Carpet: Super Cool Explosion(at least it is to me): Frowney Face: My Signature: I'll post more soon.
  8. This tutorial is so fun I did it again! This time I use highlight too
  9. Here's My go at it. My font is different 'cause I couldn't get the font to download I'm using it for another forum untill I make a new one.
  10. Ummm... I want to see how you do this tutorial but all the images don't work except for the picture that you got off the web (it says the images have either been moved or deleted)
  11. Nice tutorial! Well here's my crack at it good huh? Lol jk here's the real one. Was the shadow supposed to be a shadow or a highlight? You said "Shadow" so that's what I did.
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