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  1. So, it was one of your life goals to take bad pictures of a badger? How odd. You should make the pictures available to us though, if you want us to work on them. Just saying.
  2. wants to destroy the Shivering isles...again.

  3. Don't worry, I know him in real life and will contact him myself...
  4. ^ has had rain this week < just finished school v probably hasn't finished school (online school wins)
  5. Hi Rev, great to see your first post was here on the Coffee thread!
  6. Can't say I like the carpet too much, it is a little too simple for me. I quite like the explosion though, nice work on that.
  7. Very good, it looks like a simple tutorial to follow.
  8. Wow, that is pretty good! Nice car in that pic, too
  9. Tea is good. FOR A PANSY! But seriously though, tea is all right (no comparison to coffee, however).
  10. Coffee is still winning. 18 -12 We will be
  11. They die, but then everyone in the world downgrades to WorldWideWeb! I wish that I could go to Japan.
  12. Well, It seems that Coffee is prevailing, 12 - 9. Drink on, Coffee lovers, drink on!
  13. How do you like your Coffee (if you like it at all)? Do you like flavouring in it? What brands are your favourites? Post what you think here...also remember to answer the poll above!
  14. I'm fairly new to PDN, but I use it ALL the time. I've seen a few tutorials, but I usually like to figure things out on my own. I also have pretty much every plug-in on this forum . Anyway, here is where I'll be posting all the images I make from now on. Please rate and leave your comments! Space Scapes: Hidden Content: A space scape Another space scape - this one's more cartoony. Yet another space scape - I did the galaxy with Julia Fractal Backgrounds: Hidden Content: Here's a neat background I did: Another background I whipped up Signatures: Hidden Content: Music sig. FPS themed. ADS means "aim down sight". Miscellaneous Pictures: Hidden Content: A little something I did with Flames and Fern Fractal. Shiny Orb Tidal Wave A picture of an old wooden sign.
  15. Voyager 1 That's when I was studying science.
  16. I like your space scape pic. Not so much the planet, but the background is uber epic.
  17. That's pretty good! It looks yummy too... However, I might suggest some antialiasing? The edges are a little pixelated.
  18. I really like the stained glass window. Nice work.
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