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A thought: we should honor Rick Brewster's work

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I think a link for Paint.NET v1.0 should be put up. I am not posting this as a personal request, but as a way to honor Paint.NET and Rick Brewster's work. Also so people can see how much Paint.NET has changed over the years.

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I dont think it would be any use to link to the actual program. But it would be fun if someone could provide screen captures of the deferent main versions. A sort of “Hall of fame” for Paint.NET.

Suggest this for a tread in The Alfredo.

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check pg 2 of the galleria the first screen shot.

this is some interesting reading from the roadmap


it shows the hard work and dedication Rick has put into this program Let us just say he is a very generous soul he has given this to us to use for free. Now that I'd say makes Rick one fine classy fellow.

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