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lack of primary tools and limitations of existing plugins

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I'm making an attempt to create realistic hair, but Paint.net does not have a simple smudge tool, and the extra brush plugin tool that is around forces me to edit the image in it's own editor which has a very limited zoom level, so working on close detail level is not doable.

All with all, these lacking options and limitations does not really allow me to create what i want.

For Photoshop there are plenty tutorials to reach this goal simply, yet for Paint i can not find any decent idea on these forums or the net that comes even close to a similar result.

The most simple approach in photoshop


A generic technical method to achieve this:


The last page does not mention a specific drawing application, but these all involve usig different brush aspects and applying smudge/sharpen/blur combinations that Paint.net does not seem to offer.

Did anyone have done a successful project in regards to creating realistic hair or can someone give me some advise how i can adapt the ideas described on the tutorials in the above links, to paint.net?

Big thanks in advance...

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Try ASH's wonderful tutorial here: Make hair/fur/grass.(Easy)

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