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Editing a banner, need help!

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I saved a banner image to my computer and the image has squares on it. I would like to import pictures into the squares. When I add a layer and import a picture, it takes over the entire screen and makes the original banner image much smaller. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have no idea how to do this and have read through pages of discussion topics and haven't found an answer yet.

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You're importing images that are much larger than the banner.

You need to resize the images down to the finished size they will be in the final banner. Then import them and move them into place.

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when resizing to stop a square image toring into a rectangle hold Ctrl button while dragging the corners while resizing and it remain a square. comprende'?

actually, if you hold CTRL down it won't help at all...shift key on the other hand, will keep it a square shape...

but, Ego Eram Reputo answered the question correctly as that was the problem she was having...

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