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Can Someone Please make Me A Sig & Avatar?

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Hi guys,

I am new to Paint.net and was wondering if anyone who is good at this stuff could make me a signature and avatar whilst I practice making my own?

Thanks, any help would be much apprecited!



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Hi, I don't understand whats wrong here, I have read the rules and I thought my post was perfectly fine, obviously not.

I must be missing something?

Whas wrong here?

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I think Simon is talking about rule #23. You really are not advertising for artists but asking for help.

which we offer lots of here on the forum.

I'd say try the tut section and work on something simple as your first sig until you feel more comfortable.

Actually it is not necessary to have a sig at all, it is just nice way for us all to recognize your posts.

take your time, get the feel for the program, then tackle the sig issue.

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