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not sure if popup is the term for it, but...

well i frequent a couple of other forums beside this one (names not impostant), and on the other forums, any sort of link (bee it to an image/other topic/other site, etc) opens in a new tab/window (depending on browser), so i've developed a habbit of coling such links after i visit. here, however, all links open in the same tab/window, and (if i'm not paying atention , which is usually the case) i find myself closing it, thus having to acces the site again.

my question is: is there a forum setting that would allow me to open links in new tabs by default? 'cause if there is, i haven't found it.

thx in advance (at least for reading this)


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Yeah, I middle-click links like soul41 (in my mind, all links either open in the same tab or a new window). However, I think Firefox has a setting somewhere to automatically open all new window links in a new tab (in which case you'd have to Shift+Click to open in a new window).

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With Opera you could learn to centerclick the links.

Use the mouse roll button to click links -> new tab with Opera.

Or maybe it's the setting in Tools->Preferences->Advanced->Tabs->Reuse current tab, untick it?


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