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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


Here's what we'll be attempting to make:


Or something like that....

Open up a canvas 800x600

Change the background color to black.

Then, add a new layer, on this layer add some squiggles of light and dark colors.

Zoom blur with these settings


Then twist with these settings.


Add a new layer and add more squiggles and zoom blur again then twist.

Duplicate this layer twice and make adjustments to the opacity.

Make a new layer and put squiggles like this on:

Zoom blur twice then twist with these settings:


Duplicate the layer, select it then rotate it to your liking.

Duplicate again, and rotate that layer too.

Mess with their opacity a little bit to your liking.

Make a new layer, set the secondary color's opacity to 0 and change the foreground's color to white.

In the center of the wormhole make a small, radial gradient.

Duplicate this layer twice then merge them down.

Mess with this layers opacity then add a new layer.

Make another white radial gradient, dupe it, and merge it down.

Change it's opacity, merge it down.

Make a radial gradient in the center with the main wormhole color but close to white.

Flatten and then you're done!

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Zatharath Hedgefox

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Yeah, if you don't mind, can you write the exact settings you use while creating that wormhole? I really want to make it like that >.<

This is my result after trying very hard to understand the guide and doing some improvisations...


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No, I don't have a gallery, yet. I've gone through about five tutorials, but as soon as I learn how to make thumbnails

I will put up a gallery. Yea, made my spaceship using Trail, Bevel, and of course Shape3D.

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