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    -Video game modding such as Oblivion.
    -Computer programming and 3D animation.
    -Playing golf, bowling, and learning how to use PDN.
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  1. Well, my friend, if you like the practice one then you'll probably like this one. I recently did this as a demonstration for some friends who wanted some ideas for a piece to use in some Lost Sands contest. I actually put some effort into this one, ok, it took even less time because I all ready had the steps down from the practice one. And making the sand texture was even a lot easier. All I had to do was change the color of my water and magically a decent sand texture appeared.
  2. Thank you guys, chrisco97 & barbieq25, you're too kind. It's not that good but I was happy to have finished within 10 mins. Originally, I started out to make Mayan step pyramid in the water but to make and place each individual stone piece was gonna take too long so I switched to Egyptian style pyramid and added Stargate at the end. The sand was most difficult, took about 10 layers experimenting with different blurs and blend mode to try and get a decent texture. 90 percent of the texture used was from the concrete tutorial.
  3. Thanks, Welshy. Glad to see you're feeling like yourself again and Spain(Espana) won the world cup finally. I like your new piece, grunge, excellent work especially the motley paint texture on the wall, looks really impromptu. Btw, your water bubble tutorial inspired me to make this piece using bubbles for water texture. Part of my texturing exercise.
  4. Ok, wild it is then. stock links: http://www.supershar...saver-43470.jpg http://www.healthsto...nosaur_toys.jpg
  5. First pdn mosaic and with stocks. stocks: Hidden Content: http://sites.google.com/site/jedifanaticart/stocks/sky.jpg http://sites.google.com/site/jedifanaticart/stocks/mayatemple.jpg http://sites.google.com/site/jedifanaticart/stocks/FuneralDove.jpg http://sites.google.com/site/jedifanaticart/stocks/white-stallion-rearing.jpg
  6. Very nice, simple and effective tutorial. Used it in my Pegasus Temple scene. http://sites.google.com/site/jedifanaticart/artwork/pegasustemple.png
  7. To csm725, For your outstanding tutorial and for being a fan of black & white TV, I hereby with great privilege and gratitude award to you a new vintage black & white TV set in working condition, of course. Also, sliced orange your enjoyment.
  8. Thanks, xmario. The picture was part of my 10 min drill. This exercise was mainly about using gradients (linear mostly). I'd would give myself ten minutes to make something and usually I don't finish the whole picture because I'm still too slow.
  9. It looks fantastic with more of a 3D feel to it now and not flat like original. I see shadows, hi-lights, reflection, and perspective point going back towards top left corner. Those are some big changes. You're doing great.
  10. To Mr. Bobert, For your creative tutorial and for being a Star Gate fan, I do hereby with great honor and gratitude award to you this Star Gate watch with an unfinished band, symbolizing that our journey is not yet complete. We have a long ways to go. May your voyage always bring you safe back home. (Drum rolls)
  11. My other try. This time I tried to stay true to tutorial but still wanting to add a little creative of my own with the tutorials. Three tutorials combined into one. Gold edition stargate watch: when it's time to dial home, don't leave home without it.
  12. Excellent tutorial, xmario. I kind of went in a different direction with my result to use as an example in another post.
  13. You have just inspired me. Sorry, xmario, for turning one of your magic sphere tutorial into a bomb. Again, proper use of lighting including placement of shadows and hi-lights will help make the object tend to look more real. My example lighting source is from top left to bottom right.
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