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    -Video game modding such as Oblivion.
    -Computer programming and 3D animation.
    -Playing golf, bowling, and learning how to use PDN.
    -Barbque on Sunday afternoons.
  1. Very nice, simple and effective tutorial. Used it in my Pegasus Temple scene. http://sites.google.com/site/jedifanaticart/artwork/pegasustemple.png
  2. To csm725, For your outstanding tutorial and for being a fan of black & white TV, I hereby with great privilege and gratitude award to you a new vintage black & white TV set in working condition, of course. Also, sliced orange your enjoyment.
  3. Thanks, xmario. The picture was part of my 10 min drill. This exercise was mainly about using gradients (linear mostly). I'd would give myself ten minutes to make something and usually I don't finish the whole picture because I'm still too slow.
  4. It looks fantastic with more of a 3D feel to it now and not flat like original. I see shadows, hi-lights, reflection, and perspective point going back towards top left corner. Those are some big changes. You're doing great.
  5. My other try. This time I tried to stay true to tutorial but still wanting to add a little creative of my own with the tutorials. Three tutorials combined into one. Gold edition stargate watch: when it's time to dial home, don't leave home without it.
  6. Excellent tutorial, xmario. I kind of went in a different direction with my result to use as an example in another post.
  7. You have just inspired me. Sorry, xmario, for turning one of your magic sphere tutorial into a bomb. Again, proper use of lighting including placement of shadows and hi-lights will help make the object tend to look more real. My example lighting source is from top left to bottom right.
  8. You have a nice shoe. I'm sorry if my example ruin your good shoe. Well, different shades of lighting and color give the illusion of 3D and texture. Try beveling some parts, add new layer and set to overlay then play around with texture and see which you like. My example, I went for a fuzzy tennis ball texture and use linear gradient from back to front of shoe with some beveling. Hope this is some what helpful. Again, sorry if ruined your good shoe.
  9. Re: sig entry A Japanese Story is considered one of Australia's top film with great landscape scenery. I will have to tour the sites when I visit the "outback" country next christmas. Excellent entry, you did a great job with the photo editing; and you said you weren't good at that, what a kidder you are. Indeed, photo editing is an art itself but in the hands of a great artist it is an inspiration.
  10. I agree, dream maker is my favorite, too. However, I love the pattern on decadence. Really nice work.
  11. Awesome tutorial, thanks for link. Your results are very creative from that tutorial. I used that one to make my sig and is very plain compared to yours. You have a fantastic imagination and creativity illustrated by your artworks.
  12. Kewl! once I get the text done, I will have a surprise picture for you.
  13. Oh, I love that car image! I was gonna say it look even more realistic than mine but I read the part that it is stock photo. I bet you can make cars just as good as I can or even better. You have way better art skills than I do. The way I make my cars is the like the old fashion way; I look at the colors as one single color with lighter or darker shades and the primary tools I use are the paint brush, lines/curves, and plugin gausian blur. I love digital canvass better paper one because, when I make a mistake there's undo button unlike paper canvass where I would scrap and start over. This was
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