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    Yeah, if you don't mind, can you write the exact settings you use while creating that wormhole? I really want to make it like that >.< This is my result after trying very hard to understand the guide and doing some improvisations...
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    Um, I'm sorry but, could you be more specific in each step? The "Duplicate this layer twice and make adjustments to the opacity." Isn't really clear. And most of the steps are really confusing... =\
  3. Mine is taken from an old Sega Genesis game: Shining Foce 2 http://sf2.shiningforcecentral.com/page ... _npcs.html I'm not evil -___- but I thought that the name is cool, so I used it =D
  4. mine! xD Btw Vista?, what sidebar is that? o_o
  5. me! (with my horribly made avatar because I'm too lazy/no idea/don't know how/sucked at it to make a proper one)
  6. mine! xD Laptop or Desktop: Desktop, Custom Build OS: Windows XP Processor: AMD Phenom 9750 2.4ghz (Too bad 9950 isnt out yet in my country when I brought this) Motherboard: MSI K9A2CF (Can't afford K9A2 Platinum) Video/Graphics: PowerColor ATI 3870 (I WAN 4870!!!!!!! RAWR) How much HD space? 2 HDD, First one 160GB, 2nd one 40gb How much RAM? Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800mhz Other Info:mmm... I've changed my visual style to Vista-ish =D
  7. Rant: Mood swings if I didn't get enough sleep (referring to my previous post in this thread) rant2: Waking up early for class rant3: Lousy ISP rant4: I rant too much
  8. here is what I got now, showed it to my bro, and some of my friends.. they all commented "Its too.....plain" -_- Edit: did some minor adjustments...and uploaded the 800x600 version... so those who have slower connection still can view the image and give suggestions! =D
  9. ugh, this is what i get: what I want is this effect: more examples: (particularly liked this one:)
  10. True, but the thing is, i've read the rule again and again and again, failing to find which rule i've broken. the General Discussion and Question section's description: "Want to talk about Paint.NET, or do you have suggestions, requests, or how-to questions? Post here! Not for troubleshooting questions." and The Pictorium's: "Made an image in Paint.NET and want to show it off? This is the place!" I didn't know that that section has a thread for helping ppl that have problem such as mine... at least the mod can say something like "hint: check the pictorium section" or something
  11. Well here I am, reposting again since I posted this at the wrong section... The whole post i made previously:
  12. oh... wow, didn't realise there exists such a thread... my bad. but still... after that painful "bite" from THAT mod... i've lose the motivation... maybe next time... oh one more rant about the mod: If i've posted in the wrong section, will it be THAT hard to tell me "you've posted in the wrong section"? or if you're kind enough, help me move it?
  13. Rant: Mods locking my post and telling me to read the rules, without (at least) tell me which one. Is typing 2 digits that hard?
  14. I'm trying to make a wallpaper here... and this is what I've done... somehow I think its too......plain... anyone has any suggestion to give? (and give directions how to do it).. oh by the way, I need help to make him glow.. my attempts to make him glow failed miserably =X
  15. soooo... what you meant is, for this example is 41 + 31, 136.5 + 84? so its 72, 220.5 ? is that right =x ____________ Off topic: oh by the way, how do you write a word in a circle shaped?
  16. wow, those are quick replies @_@, i wanted to edit my post and add somemore... anyway thx -Expiration- for telling me that one, (btw align object doesn't work for me) another questions is, - how about if i want to have my mouse in the center of a circle? or square if they are not in the middle of the canvas? - or if i want to have my mouse in the middle of a selection
  17. (I was abit scared that i'm going to be "bitten" and banned, but i did use the search function) Okay what i meant, for instance i want to use the gradient tool. but i wanted it to start from the very center of the picture. Is there a function like that?
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