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Hard Stone; Crumpled Paper; Burning Coals + Planet Texture!


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This tutorial is extremely simple and can be used as a starting point for many many things including:

  • [*:zv431f0e] Hard Stone Texture
    [*:zv431f0e] Realistic Crumpled Paper Texture
    [*:zv431f0e] Burning Coals
    [*:zv431f0e] Planet Textures

All of these require the basic 'Clouds' plugin.

#1 Smooth (Chalk) Stone/Realistic Paper

  • [*:zv431f0e] Open a new Image (Size is up to you)
    [*:zv431f0e] Effects > Render > Clouds (Default Values)
    [*:zv431f0e] New Layer --> Render Clouds
    [*:zv431f0e] Change this layer's Blending Mode to "Difference"
    [*:zv431f0e] Add 4 or 5 layers total with Clouds and "Difference" Blending (Don't Duplicate)
    [*:zv431f0e] Flatten the image (Ctrl-Shift-F)
    [*:zv431f0e] Duplicate this layer TWICE
    [*:zv431f0e] Emboss the first Duplication (Stylize > Emboss) to around 45 Degrees (to the lower right), then lower the brightness all the way down (Adjustments > Brightness + Contrast)
    [*:zv431f0e] Set this layer's Blending Mode to "Overlay"
    [*:zv431f0e] Emboss the second duplication to around 135 degrees (top left!), and heighten the brightness all the way up. Set this layer's blending to "Overlay" too.
    [*:zv431f0e] For a PAPER or smoother rock texture REMOVE THE BOTTOM (un-embossed) LAYER and change colours or pick a layer as you feel necessary

Crumpled Paper (Or Chalk)


Light Rock


#2 Hard Rock/Super Realistic Planet Texture

  • [*:zv431f0e] At this point you will have 3 layers (Clouds, White Emboss, Black Emboss)
    [*:zv431f0e] For an amazingly easy hand-made planet texture, try colourising (Tint or Filter/Swap) the White layer to blue, and the Black layer to green.
    [*:zv431f0e] This can then easily be used with Shape 3D to make a realistic planet (You'll probably want to re-emboss them following the steps above)
    [*:zv431f0e] As you can see, greyscale, this looks like a hard volcanic rock texture and looks pretty 3D! If the white areas are TOO white just play around with the brightness of the white layer.
    [*:zv431f0e] To get a more natural looking rock colour, use Curves or Curves+ (Adjustments > Curves) on the top (white layer) and play around with the lines ( I recommend less green and blue and more red - this will get you a nice brown)
    [*:zv431f0e] To get a 'Burning Coal' texture, use Curves on the bottom "Cloud" layer and ramp up the red!

Hard Rock


Planet Texture


Burning Coals


Remember to work with the colours and this simple process can take you a long, long way!

Indie :)

PS: Had a quick look and couldn't find anything similar (or, IMO, as good!), hopefully this can help some people, this is something I've discovered myself and am very happy with the (many!) results :)

PPS: I still can't beleive how this can be SOOOO simple and so versatile!

EDIT: My apologies. Imageshack is .


My dA - 2 New Images (Oil Painting of face & Exploding Planet Starscape - 18/11/07) & 1 new Haiku ("Love: I Remember" - 21/11/07)

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Huh, that actually looks pretty good! Especially the ower blocks :D

Comments, anyone else?

Mega-edit: Just realised you don't need 5 seperate cloud layers with 'difference blending', just use "Difference" on Blend Mode in the settings as you Render > Clouds!


My dA - 2 New Images (Oil Painting of face & Exploding Planet Starscape - 18/11/07) & 1 new Haiku ("Love: I Remember" - 21/11/07)

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very neat tutorial i can see many uses for this.... heres a wallpaper i made could use some tweaks but it only took me like 4 mins to make lol so i am not complaining.

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oh yeah that pic is of me i am a dork and like to take stupid pictures lol.... you should see the original its hilarious


"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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