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  1. hmmm i tried this but still couldnt get the effect i want. still not sure how to use it too. like i was attempting to place my avatar on a rocky sort of texture and couldnt really get it to work right
  2. There's some purty cool ones on here. I like the ones with gold colored spheres and rings and it reminds me of lord of the rings. You should try making the "eye" from lord of the rings :wink:
  3. Is there a way to lay an image on a texture so that the image looks textured? For exapmle giving a regular photo on my computer to look as if it was printed on wood or something.
  4. With the crumpled paper layer on top and the light rock layer on bottom you can blend the top layer as Reflect and it makes a cool sort of shiny rock texture
  5. meow :shock: the sun got to close
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